Hello Chatham Creek Homeowners!  Summer is finally upon us and we are excited to start planning for the rest of 2020. Needless to say, it has been an incredibly stressful start to the year due to COVID-19.  We hope that you and your family have been feeling well and avoiding this horrible virus.

We are happy to announce that the board is back at full capacity! Our four new Board members are Joan Laird of Stabley Lane, Chris Daughtery of Stabley Lane,  Meghan Cedrone of Thomas Armor Drive and Ted Waga of Thomas Armor Drive. Welcome back Ted!   We are here to make this a better community for everyone! 

There are many new families that we want to welcome! With that being said we wanted to remind everyone of our HOA governing documents as well as rules and regulations that can be found at http://www.chathamcreek.com.  Please take the time to revisit and familiarize yourself so you are aware of your responsibilities as a homeowner in Chatham Creek.

As your new Board is getting up to speed there are some areas we will be focusing on to help ensure our community is properly maintained and aesthetically pleasing. If any of these apply to you, please be sure to remedy them as we will be conducting monthly inspections and issuing violations per our Violation Policies Procedures and Fines.

Covenants Easements and Restrictions


17. Livestock and Poultry: No animals, livestock or poultry of any kind shall be raised, bred, or kept on any Lot except that dogs, cats or other household pets may be kept provided that they are not kept, bred, or maintained for any commercial purpose. The decision as to what is a household pet shall rest with the Developer. Such animals may not exceed more than two (2) of any kind over six months of age, and must be maintained so that offensive odors or noise will not be apparent to adjoining Lot Owners. Said animals must all be controlled to prevent damage to other properties within the Community. Lot Owners must immediately pick up after any pets in the Common Elements, and are responsible for any damage caused to the Common Elements by or on account of any household pets.

18. Garbage: No garbage cans or trash containers shall be located in the front or side lawn area or at the curb for more than a 24-hour period.

19. Landscaping Development and Maintenance: The landscaping of any Lot shall be designed and constructed in keeping with the residential character of the Community and the design of the Dwelling constructed on that Lot. All landscaping shall be maintained and pruned regularly to provide an aesthetically acceptable environment. All Lots shall be mowed and kept free and clear of all weeds at all times by the Owners thereof. No hedge shall exceed four (4) feet in height; 

This includes weeds in sidewalks and where your sidewalks meet the street as well as grass around the outside of your fence.

21. Prohibited Vehicles: No trucks, motorcycles, or automobiles not in normal use, boats, trailers, or recreational vehicles shall be stored anywhere on any Lot outside the Dwelling.

22. Commercial Vehicles: Parking of any commercial vehicles, buses, or similar vehicles on any Lot or on the public streets of the Community is prohibited, except for temporary loading or unloading.

Mailbox Maintenance: Please be sure to maintain your mailboxes. Many are leaning into the street and need to be leveled again.

Let us all work together to make Chatham Creek a great community! 

There are many children in the development. This is a reminder to drive slowly.  It has been noticed that many vehicles are driving above the 25MPH speed limit.  Help keep our children safe.  We will be speaking with law enforcement about running radar within the community to reduce speeding. 

Outstanding HOA Balances.  

We currently have approximately $21,000 in outstanding dues and the board has the responsibility to ensure these dues are collected.  As mentioned in previous communications, we have adopted a zero-tolerance policy regarding past due balances.  In the past we have partnered with BarrowLaw to enforce collections which proved to be very costly to the homeowner. Collection costs are also a responsibility of individual homeowners. We are reviewing alternatives, however the effectiveness of BarrowLaw will most likely be our best option in recouping these balances.  

If you have an outstanding balance, your account has been entered into our collection process of which all associated fees are your responsibility.  If your account goes to court, the cost could be several hundred dollars which you will be responsible to pay.  Although this is not how we would like to see collections go, it has been necessary and quite successful in recovering past due accounts.  If your account is delinquent, please contact our management company at cchoabilling@unifiedcam.com to make payment arrangements before your account incurs any additional fees.

We will have the annual meeting/picnic on September 12th at noon at the Pavilion.  We hope you all can make it.

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Halloween – We’d like to host a costume parade and “best costume” contest at the Pavilion prior to trick or treating.   More details to follow soon


Christmas – We would like to bring back the “Best Christmas Decorations” contest this year.  There will be a gift card awarded to the best house.  Keep in mind, if your association dues are not up to date, you will not be eligible. More details will follow in the Fall about the contest.


We are looking to utilize email communications as much as possible and would like to update our records. Please take a few minutes to email our management company cchoa@unifiedcam.com with your contact information. 

Please also feel free to submit any questions or suggestions you might have!

Useful Information

Community Website – http://www.chathamcreek.com

Community Manager – Unified Community Association Management cchoa@unifiedcam.com

If you plan to attend the Community Picnic on September 12th at noon, please email Meghan at Meghan@chathamcreek.com.  Give her your name, address and how many people will be attending.  Thanks and hope to see you all there!